Is it free?

Yes. Next question.
Question 1

Why is it a text? 

TBH, I don't know. I didn't have anymore of storage left on my phone for another rewards app so...

Question 2

How can I receive a reward?

There are many different (and EASY) ways to get a reward: try a new product, refer a friend, leave a review

Question 3

Is Venmo the only payment sent? 

Right now, yes! We will be adding cash app and apple pay soon!

Question 4

Is there a withdrawal minimum?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. THAT'S SUCH S***. We'll venmo you the instance you get a reward

But seriously, call us JG Wenworth because it's your money and you need it now.

Question 5

Am I talking to a real person? 

Not gonna lie, you are talking to a real person 80% of the time.

I (Tiffin, the founder) had to automate the basic stuff to help provide the best customer service possible.